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Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine    Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Voltage:110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz Heater Power: 1000W Tank capacity: 18L Inside dimensions: F250 x D350mm Sterilize temperature: 122? Sterilize pressure: 0.12Mpa & 0.23Mpa Sterilize time: 25min & 6min Drying time: 40min Tank Material: Stainless steel #304 Machine size (LWH): 60 39 36cm Packing size (LWH): 61 53 40cm N. Application: For dental, surgery, beauty salon, medical care, laboratory, and so on. After the completion of disinfection, please to wait for 10 minutes. Pressure Gauge in red area.

Do not rotate handle, open the steam discharge valve firstly. Before each use, must supply water 800ml of distilled water.

Please close steam discharge valve before the disinfection. Do not use any corrosive or chemical water as the disinfection. Do not share the same electricoutllet with other electrical apparetus. Please pay attention to correct voltage and frequency.

Connect steam exhaust pipe with the steam vent. Use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, more and more in recent years, it has changed the people cleaning method for some small items, especially the women on the maintenance of jewelry cleaning, no longer have to worry about expensive jewelry store cleaning, can easily complete the cleaning in the home, let you beloved ring, necklace back to just as good as new.

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to convert the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration through the transducer, and radiate the ultrasonic wave into the cleaning liquid in the tank through the cleaning tank wall. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic wave, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of sound wave. Destroy the adsorption between dirt and the surface of cleaning parts, cause the fatigue damage of dirt layer and be removed, and the vibration of gas bubbles scrub the solid surface. Put the item into the water.

Cover the machine and wait for 3 mins for cleaning. The button light turns white and steady on.

Take out the item to dry or wipe it dry with cotton cloth. NOTE:You can use clean water, or you can put a small amount of cleaning fluid or detergent in the clean water, depending on stains on the items. New Cleaning Type: 45KHz High-frequency 360-degree stereoscopic cleaning, get rid of the old repeated cleaning is not clean trouble, so that cleaning small objects become easy and comfortable.

Ultrasonic cleaning + UV-C and separate UV-C two modes, easy to operate and short time, Let you be more assured of health in your daily life. Fast 3mins ultra deep cleaning: Let you reduce wait time, one-button control, easy to operate, easy cleaning without worrying about tedious steps, automatic stop after cleaning, LED indicator light prompt. Exquisite Appearance: pleasant color, suitable for any style of home, clinic, etc. Stainless steel sink, size, depth of sink, can be cleaned up to 4.7cm high. Small Size And Space Saving: 7.52"4.41"3.27, cleaning a variety of items: jewelry, makeup tools, watch strap, braces, dentures, toothbrushes, pacifiers, tableware, razors and so on. Machine size: 7.52"4.41"3.27 ( Tank size: 0.55"0.29"0.15 (16.78.874.7cm).

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Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine    Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Lab Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine